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Can Ultra-thin fabric Light Box Save Energy

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Can Ultra-thin fabric Light Box Save Energy?

Foxygen ultra thin fabric stretch ceiling led backlit light box is a very popular type of light box in the advertising light box industry. Why is it favored by so many businesses? The reason lies in its energy-saving and appearance, its shape is very thin, occupies very little space, and in energy-saving, other light boxes can not reach, because of its use, more businesses get better publicity benefits.

Foxygen ultra-thin lamp box can be controlled in thickness of 2-3 cm due to the use of high-density material nano-light guide plate. The light guide plate only needs a little light to make the luminous surface of the whole plate uniform, and does not need too high brightness. Generally speaking, LED soft light bars visible on the market can be used. Combined with the structure principle of LED lamp and light guide board, the ultra-thin lamp box is not only superior to the traditional lamp box in thickness, but also adopts the very energy-saving and environmental protection LED lamp box. LED is the light source, so the power consumption is very small, 100x80cm ultra-thin light box consumes only 25W light bulbs.

Compared with the ordinary light box, the ultra thin fabric led light box can adjust and beautify the light source in the light and shadow, making it like a dream. The use of this light box adds a self-planning direction to make the room more beautiful. At the same time, because of its special transparency, the light box can expand the lighting area, thereby reducing the light source, which is conducive to energy saving. The use of this light box makes the interior decoration more artistic. Consider how to configure the light source. When the light box is installed, the dream lighting effect can be achieved.

Ultra-thin light box is strong and durable, its four-sided corner code is fixed, durable, not easy to deform, long service life; in addition, through technological upgrading, ultra-thin light box can save energy and protect the environment, because its light guide plate technology reduces the number of LED lights more than 70% energy-saving traditional light box, more than 95% of the material can be recycled and reused. Ultra-thin lamp box maintenance is relatively simple, four-sided open design, easy to replace pictures and maintenance, low labor costs.

Foxygen ultra-thin light box is very professional in use and installation. Therefore, when designing and using, attention should be paid to the use of relevant installation tools. Installation of ultra-thin lamp boxes requires the use of professional tools such as aluminum profiles, corner code tools, aluminum corner cutting machines and so on. These tools can make the installation of ultra-thin lamp boxes successful and become an important standard. In addition, when installing the ultra-thin lamp box, the angle of the aluminium angle cutter is very important, which is also one of the important factors for the success of our related installation project.

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