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How about the stretch ceiling led light box advertising effect?


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How about the stretch ceiling led light box advertising effect?

Stretch ceiling film led light box picture is sprayed with double ink ultraviolet and UV print without volatile toxic and harmful gases. Strong three-dimensional sense, bright and lasting color. It can be used indoors for up to 10 years and outdoors. Under backlit lighting, you can display the indoor advertising images thoroughly, so that your products can quickly attract customers' attention. Importantly, it can change the picture information at any time and install easily and quickly. Soft film has many characteristics, the more obvious characteristics are waterproof, anti-bacterial, energy-saving, rich color, excellent anti-aging performance. If combined with the current ultraviolet environmental protection inkjet technology, bright color, color fastness can reach 4-5 years, is the ideal decorative materials for decoration enterprises.

Soft fabric Stretch ceiling led light box film lamp box is mainly used for commercial propaganda. It consists of transparent film, LED lamp and aluminum alloy frame. This kind of light box has many names in industry. They can be called card light boxes, label light boxes, ultra-thin light boxes, etc. Its main feature is the screen part, using transparent film material. This transparent film is also called smallpox soft film. Soft film lamp box can be directly installed on walls, wood structures, steel structures, gypsum walls and wood walls. It is suitable for all kinds of building structures. The keel only needs to fix the screw evenly at a certain distance, which is very convenient to install. In the whole installation process, there will be no solvent volatilization, no dust falling, no impact on other indoor structures, and even installation in the normal production and life process.

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