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Scope of application of ultra-thin fabric led light box

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Scope of application of ultra-thin fabric led light box

Foxygen ultra-thin light box has been recognized in the product publicity of major businesses. The product is thin, thin to several centimeters. In advertising, businesses pay great attention to the effect and visual effect. The light box is generally installed on the wall and does not occupy the space on the ground. It uses energy-saving LED light source, which greatly reduces the waste of energy.

Foxygen ultra-thin light box is widely used in commercial advertisements. In recent years, the market demand has been increasing. In almost all chain stores in China, the decoration of ultra-thin light boxes will be regarded as a way of image publicity, because the aluminium material of ultra-thin light boxes has good luminous effect and can attract many people's attention. It occupies too much space, provides a very good display platform for corporate culture and commodity display, and is welcomed by businessmen from all walks of life.

Ultra-thin lamp box is a common lamp box composed of various profiles. Commonly used aluminum alloy profiles are combined with acrylic acid. Personal data is becoming more and more complex. It's easy to install and change screens. Both sides can do it. It has wide application in the area of corporate image, corporate culture and so on. Ultra-thin light box is mainly used as light source, and light guide plate is used as light guide material. Through point-to-point calculation, the point light source is converted into surface light source to achieve uniform lighting.

As the light source of ultra-thin lamp box, LED can be divided into two categories: lamp tube and lamp pole. There are different types of lamp tube. Many people choose the lamp according to the thickness of the lamp box. In order to have better brightness, the magnetic absorption light box and crystal light box will choose to install LED lights. The LED lights are not only super bright, but also can rotate freely. The effect is also very uniform, and many light boxes have unique shapes, you can use soft texture lamps, it is easy to install in irregular light boxes.

Foxygen ultra-thin light box can save about 84% of the cost of traditional light box. Ultra thin light boxes are used for decoration and publicity projects in exhibition galleries, gymnasiums, exhibition galleries, museums, art galleries, colleges and universities, secondary schools, vocational schools, hospitals, opera houses, banks, insurance companies and securities companies. Through the light emitting principle of the light guide plate, the "tired" effect is eliminated, and the luminous surface is transparent and even, thereby achieving better effect of the advertising lamp box.

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